Vrijdag Premium Printing

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Luxe milieuvriendelijke etiketten en verpakkingen
Expert in het toevoegen van speciale drukeffecten
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Over Vrijdag Premium Printing

Vrijdag Premium Printing specializes in producing high quality labels and cardboard boxes and represents over a century worth of international experience. Today, Vrijdag Premium Printing developed into a prominent printer for recognised premium cigar, cigarette, champagne and spirits, chocolate and cosmetic brands in the consumer goods market.

These techniques include bronzing (for example in gold, silver, pearl), gold foiling, high-security foiling, embossing, various varnishing options and an extremely precise die-cut process. This craftsmanship, combined with modern technologies, enables Vrijdag to deliver the stunning, premium quality you desire for your products.
Vrijdag Premium Printing: When you want to be assured of top quality labels and cardboard boxes where your customers can be proud of